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The exhibit format part of Extension "Semantic Result Formats" does not work with recent versions of SMW and does not make use of the Resource Loader introduced in MediaWiki 1.17. Furthermore, it could be written a lot better. So a full re-write is in order, which fixes current compatibility issues, utilizes the new tools provided by recent versions of MW and SMW and improves upon the architecture of the format.

Since many people are interested in seeing such a thing happen, this page serves to coordinate funding effort. If you want to (party) fund such a rewrite, please add your name and contact details below, and provide a picture of how much you can fund.

Potential funders[edit]

  • David Mason might be able to get a couple organizations to commit $500 - $1k, more in a few months (but would prefer it to be fixed sooner).
  • --[[kgh]] 10:35, 8 December 2011 (CET) - 60 EUR as part of a community driven funding effort.
  • Prescient Software will be able to contribute around 2000 euro to this. Preferred route is use jquery to replicate the base functionality of the exhibit facets, filters and lens rather than continue to use the existing 10,000+ lines of Exhibit as it has many problems (not being able to have alt text in links, clickable images in the results, parser functions in lenses etc). Contact neill@prescientsoftware.co.uk to discuss. I wrote a spec a while back, I can upload if people are interested.

Potential developers[edit]

  • Jeroen De Dauw - I estimate duration of total rewrite to be 5h to 20h, maybe longer if on demand loading via the ask API is implemented as well. Currently not available.

Exhibit 3.0[edit]

Exhibit 3.0, the newest version of Exhibit, has been in progress for around a year, and may be released soon - it may be worthwhile for the exhibit format to just transfer to support Exhibit 3.0.

Alternate proposals[edit]

Some people are concerned with the state of the Exhibit library itself and would see an other library used to achieve similar functionality. Please list these below:

Work has been scheduled[edit]

Prescient Software is sponsoring Stephan Gambke to provide a replacement for exhibit. Thanks to Stephan for agreeing to help. Details will be released once the extension has been tested. This will be toward the end of March.
Update. The new Filtered format is now available. click here for details.