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Semantic MediaWiki's ability to collaborate and exchange data with other web-services and websites is a vital therefore various exchange formats and extensions are provided to extend SMW's data interchange capability.

Exchange formats[edit]


Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a metadata data model specified by the World Wide Web Consortium where entity-relationship and resources are defined by a subject-predicate-object expressions. RDF statements are either a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) or a blank node and serialized in a XML format.

Supported extensions and result formats:

  • Semantic MediaWiki comes with a build-in functionality for RDF export
  • Semantic Result Formats provides a Help:RDF format module to produce links to OWL files in RDF form


JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a text-based open standard designed data interchange and commonly used for importing web data into JavaScript applications. JSON is a subset of JavaScript and is often used in connection with Ajax applications.

Supported extensions and result formats:


Open Data Protocol (OData) is an open web protocol specified by the Microsoft Open Specification Promise (OSP) supporting two formats for representing resources: the XML-based AtomPub format and the JSON format. More comprehensive information can be found here.

Supported extensions and result formats:

  • Is not yet supported.

Other exchange formats[edit]

  • Help:KML format allows for export of queries geographical data in KML (Keyhole Markup Language)
  • Help:CSV format UNIX-style Delimiter Separated Value format

Data exchange extensions[edit]

  • mws:Extension:External Data retrieve, filter, and format data from one or more sources (external URLs etc.)
  • mws:Extension:LinkedWiki lets you reuse Linked Data in your wiki. You can get data from Wikidata or another source directly with a SPARQL query. Can also be used to query a SMW powered SPARQL endpoint in order to query data in the wiki with SPARQL instead of #ask.

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