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Error screen shown due to a missing enableSemantics call in "LocalSettings.php"

The enableSemantics function should be added to the "LocalSettings.php" file to enable Semantic MediaWiki.


enableSemantics takes two parameters:

  • The domain name. This is used as URI-namespace in RDF.
  • The second parameter is optional and indicates whether the URI namespace is completed or not

Since Semantic MediaWiki 3.2.0Released on 7 September 2020 and compatible with MW 1.31.0 - 1.35.x. a configuration preloading feature is available as a mechanism to preload a set of configurations.1


enableSemantics( '' );
enableSemantics( '' );

Specifying the protocol[edit]

enableSemantics( '', true );

Empty identifier[edit]

For a local installation where no domain is available (or necessary), the enableSemantics function can be used simply with:



Using the enableSemantics function ensures that:

If changes to the configuration parameter $smwgNamespaceIndexSets the index of the first namespace to be used by Semantic MediaWiki are necessary, please follow the instructions in connection with enableSemantics.2

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