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Changing the output characteristics of a title page can be achieved through various means in MediaWiki:

  • Add {{DISPLAYTITLE:Bar}} to page Foo to display Bar instead of the "real" title Foo
  • Employ a template to alter the output as part of a query request

Using the DISPLAYTITLE on a page shows the intention to alter the display characteristics of a selected entity which by default (as of SMW 2.41) is transferred and interpret as preferred caption for those entities that make use of the DISPLAYTITLE.

A page that contains a DISPLAYTITLE annotation will automatically set the Display title of property and indicates to all Semantic MediaWiki processes (Special:Browse, query results etc.) to prefer the DISPLAYTITLE over the real title including its SORTKEY.


For example, an entity such as GBIFID:2706490 may choose to be stored by its external ID (i.e. GBIFID:2706490), yet to appeal to a user a more human readable form ({{DISPLAYTITLE:Agrostis capillaris L.}}) is selected and shows the intent to be displayed and identified as Agrostis capillaris L. instead of the GBIFID:2706490 ID.

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