Chapter by Markus Krötzsch in new book, "Open Advice"


February 19 2012. Semantic MediaWiki lead developer Markus Krötzsch is the author of a chapter in the new book Open Advice, a compendium of advice about free and open-source development from various open-source leaders. In his chapter, titled "Out of the Lab, into the Wild: Growing Open Source Communities around Academic Projects", Markus talks about the steps academic researchers can take to help the open-source software that they have created succeed, including choosing popular technology, documenting the code, keeping all communication and development public, and publicizing the software.

Open Advice was edited by Lydia Pintscher, a member of the Semantic MediaWiki community (as well as of the open-source software KDE), and the book's authors include others with connections to MediaWiki, including Lydia herself, Wikimedia Foundation developer Guillaume Paumier, Wikipedia researcher Felipe Ortega, and Wikitravel (and StatusNet) founder Evan Prodromou. Open Advice is itself available under an open source license.

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