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"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Extension "Access Control List"Access Control List is a powerful extension for protecting single wiki pages, articles in categories or namespaces and values of semantic properties.OntopriseOctober 2009unknownunknownACL2017-04-21T09:45:43
Extension "Collaboration"Collaboration extension enables the commenting and rating of wiki articles.OntopriseDecember 2009unknownunknownCE2017-04-21T09:46:28
Extension "Data Import"Data Import extension enables users to integrate external data into the wiki in two different ways.OntopriseApril 2009unknownunknownDI2017-04-21T09:47:17
Extension "Halo"Provides an elaborate toolbox to let you gain immediate benefits of semantically enriched, i.e. annotated content.OntopriseOctober 2007stableactiveHalo2017-04-21T09:48:43
Extension "Rich Media"Rich Media allows the easy upload and embedding of media files such as documents, images, videos and audio files into the wiki.OntopriseApril 2009unknownunknownRM2017-04-21T09:49:20
Extension "Rule Knowledge"The Rule Knowledge extension provides a graphical editor for creating logical rulesOntopriseDecember 2009unknownunknownRK2017-04-21T09:49:58
Extension "Semantic Gardening"Semantic Gardening allows you to detect inconsistencies or peculiarities in your wiki's semantic data via automatic botsOntopriseApril 2009unknownunknownSGD2017-04-15T23:30:53
Extension "TreeView"TreeView displays a hierarchical view of wiki elements of your choice.OntopriseFebruary 2009unknownunknownTV2017-04-20T22:30:36
Extension "Triple Store Connector"Triple Store Connector allows to use a triple store as semantic data backend.OntopriseFebruary 2009unknownunknownTSC2017-04-21T09:50:56
Extension "WYSIWYG extension"The WYSIWYG extension (based on the FCKeditor) provides a WYSIWYG editor for authoring rich text contents.OntopriseApril 2009unknownunknownWYSIWYG2017-04-21T09:51:25
Extension:Semantic Gardening (obsolete)Semantic Gardening allows you to detect inconsistencies or peculiarities in your wiki's semantic data via automatic botsOntopriseApril 2009unknownunknownSGD2015-08-04T17:12:03

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Halo 提供一个精巧的工具箱,可让您从富含语义的,即经过标注的内容当中获得立竿见影的好处 Ontoprise 10月 2007年 stable active Halo 2012-09-04T09:49:03