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Name  Sateli
First name  Bahar
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About me  I am a Computer Science PhD candidate and doctoral researcher at Concordia University. My research is mainly focused on the applications of Natural Language Processing techniques in web-based information systems, such as Wikis. More information about my research is available on the Semantic Software Lab website.

I am also the local chair of the SMWCon_Spring_2014. Should you have any questions, I can be reached at sateli‐at‐

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Events  SMWCon Spring 2014,

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Talk eventtitledescription
SMW for Scientific Literature ManagementSMWCon Spring 2014SMW for Scientific Literature ManagementDuring this session we will demonstrate how a SMW-based system can be used for scientific literature management.
Smarter WikisSMWCon Spring 2013Current status and next steps for SMWPresenting the Semantic Assistants Wiki-NLP integration architecture for automatically deriving SMW metadata from wiki contents through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its application in the IntelliGenWiki for genomics research as well as the ReqWiki system for Software Requirements Engineering.
Wiki-NLP TutorialSMWCon Spring 2014Adding Natural Language Processing Support to Your (Semantic)MediaWiki