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This page provides an overview of the syntax elements available for the #ask/#show parser function.

This table is not yet complete. See also this help page.

Query Condition[edit]

Help pageSyntax elementDescription
#ask: syntax – "depth" hierarchy restrictor
Restricts the hierarchy depth of a query1
#ask: syntax – "in" search operator
Convenience operator for proximity and wide proximity searches2
#ask: syntax – "phrase" search operator
Convenience operator for wide proximity searches with terms appearing in the same order3

Query Printout[edit]

Help pageSyntax elementDescription
#ask: syntax – "align" printout formatter
Defines an alignment for the content of a printout column
#ask: syntax – "hl" printout highlighter
Allows to highlight search tokens within a result set4
#ask: syntax – "lang" printout language filter
Allows to filter a language specific printout5
#ask: syntax – "order" printout sorter
Defines the sorting order for printout statements (dot chain syntax)6
#ask: syntax – "raw" printout formatter
Allows embedded annotation markup within text to retain its raw format789
#ask: syntax – "width" printout formatter
Defines a width for a printout column10

Query Marker[edit]

Help pageSyntax elementDescription
#ask: syntax – "annotation" query marker
Marks an inline query as part of an annotation
#ask: syntax – "control" query marker
Allows to dynamically alter a result display without the need to reload a page11
#ask: syntax – "deferred" query marker
Marks an inline query as deferred from regular parsing11

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