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The semantic API modules (SMW API) are provided by Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions enabling external components or data services to access semantically annotated information stored in the Semantic MediaWiki database via several available interfaces using a standardized HTTP request.

The semantic API modules allow to select and retrieve, i.e. read annotated information stored on the wiki. If information has to be written to the wiki then the regular MediaWiki API-modules available for editing must be used. This is to ensure that the corresponding wiki page is updated the same way as when one would edit on-wiki. Moreover this also makes sure that no information accessible via a wiki page revision is lost.

API modules[edit]

Help pageNameDescriptionProvided bySince
API module "ask"askAllows to do ask queriesSemantic MediaWiki1.7.0
API module "askargs"askargsAllows to do ask queries with as little ask query specific syntax as possibleSemantic MediaWiki1.7.0
API module "browsebyproperty"browsebypropertyAllows to fetch information about a property or a list of propertiesSemantic MediaWiki2.4.0
API module "browsebysubject"browsebysubjectAllows to browse a subject, i.e. a page or subobjectSemantic MediaWiki1.9.0
API module "smwbrowse"smwbrowseAllows to search for properties, categories and conceptsSemantic MediaWiki3.0.0
API module "smwinfo"smwinfoAllows to access statistical data and information about the usage of Semantic MediaWikiSemantic MediaWiki1.6.0
API module "smwtask"smwtaskAllows to invoke and execute internal Semantic MediaWiki tasksSemantic MediaWiki3.0.0
API module "compoundquery"compoundqueryAllows to do compounded ask queriesSemantic Compound Queries1.0.0

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