This page includes the README file for the API.


This file contains details about Semantic MediaWiki's API for external use with a description of available interfaces. For more details on MediaWiki's WebAPI, it is recommended to read this website.


The Ask API allows you to do ask queries against Semantic MediaWiki using the MediaWiki API and get results back serialized in one of the formats it supports.

The ask module supports one parameter, query, which takes the same string you'd feed into an #ask parser function, but urlencoded.

api.php?action=ask&query=[[Modification date::%2B]]|%3FModification date|sort%3DModification date|order%3Ddesc&format=jsonfm


The Askargs API module aims to take arguments in un-serialized form, so with as little ask-specific syntax as possible. It supports 3 arguments:

  • conditions: The query conditions, ie the requirements for a subject to be included
  • printouts: The query printouts, ie the properties to show per subject
  • parameters: The query parameters, ie all non-condition and non-printout arguments

api.php?action=askargs&conditions=Modification date::%2B&printouts=Modification date&parameters=|sort%3DModification date|order%3Ddesc&format=jsonfm

Output serialization

php { "query-continue-offset": 50, "query": { "printrequests": [ { "label": "", "typeid": "_wpg", "mode": 2, "format": false }, { "label": "Modification date", "typeid": "_dat", "mode": 1, "format": "" } ], "results": { "Main Page": { "printouts": { "Modification date": [ "1381456128" ] }, "fulltext": "Main Page", "fullurl": "http:\/\/localhost:8080\/mw\/index.php\/Main_Page", "namespace": 0, "exists": true }, ... }, "meta": { "hash": "a9abdb34024fa8735f6b044305a48619", "count": 50, "offset": 0 } } }


An interface to access statistical information about the properties, values etc..


The following parameters are available and can be concatenated using the "|" character.

  • proppagecount: The total number of properties registered with a page.
  • declaredpropcount: The total number of properties with a datatype assigned.
  • usedpropcount: The total number of properties with at least one values assigned.
  • propcount: The total number of property values assigned.
  • errorcount: The total number of property values invalidly assigned.
  • querycount: The total number of queries.
  • querysize: The total size of all queries.
  • formatcount: The query formats and their respective total usage count.
  • subobjectcount: The total number of subobjects.
  • conceptcount: The total number of concepts.

Output serialization

php { "info": { "proppagecount": 40, "formatcount": { "table": 14, "list": 3, "broadtable": 1 } } } The parameter "formatcount" will output an array of used formats together with its count information.


An interface to browse facts (the equivalent of Special:Browse) of a subject (wikipage) including special properties and subobjects.

api.php?action=browsebysubject&subject=Main%20Page api.php?action=browsebysubject&subject=Main%20Page&subobject=_QUERYa0856d9fbd9e495af0963ecc75fcef14

Output serialization

php { "query": { "subject": "Main_Page#0##", "data": [ { "property": "Foo", "dataitem": [ { "type": 2, "item": "Bar" } ] } ... ], "sobj": [ { "subject": "Main_Page#0##_QUERYa0856d9fbd9e495af0963ecc75fcef14", "data": [ { "property": "_ASKDE", "dataitem": [ { "type": 1, "item": "1" } ] }, ... ] ... } ], "serializer": "SMW\Serializers\SemanticDataSerializer", "version": 0.1 } }


An interface to browse properties (the equivalent of Special:Properties).

api.php?action=browsebyproperty api.php?action=browsebyproperty&limit=100&format=json&property=name

Output serialization

php { "xmlns:Foaf": "", "query": { "Foaf:name": { "label": "Foaf:name", "isUserDefined": true, "usageCount": 2 }, "Has_common_name": { "label": "Has common name", "isUserDefined": true, "usageCount": 1 } }, "version": 0.1, "meta": { "limit": 100, "count": 2, "isCached": true } }