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A list of attendees to SMWCon Fall 2010


The total number of attendees to SMWCon Fall 2010 listed here: 9

See Category:AttendeeList for attendees of other SMWCon events. See Category:SMWCon for other SMWCons.

attendeephotonamefirst name
Michael ErdmannErdmannMichael
Stephan GambkeIMG 0622.JPGGambkeStephan
Daniel HanschPhoto 2016-09-30 105314Daniel Hansch.jpgHanschDaniel
Hans-Jörg HappelHappelHans-Jörg
Toni Hermoso PulidoPhoto 2016-09-29 110001Toni.jpgToniHermosoSMWConFall2015.pngHermoso PulidoToni
Benedikt KämpgenKämpgenBenedikt
Brown NatashaPhoto 2016-09-29 104259Natasha Brown.jpgNatbrown.pngNatashaBrown
Henk ScholtenScholtenHenk
Ton van der ZwetPhoto 2016-09-28 111701 Ton van der Zwet.jpgvan der ZwetTon