Translating content

On this wiki it is now possible to translate content easily into you language. For a start we have enabled content translation for the software release pages as well as the news item pages and important categories. Pages with meta information such as the version history, etc. are to follow soon.

You are invited to make translations into different languages. The different message groups contain the translatable text for you to work on. Note that if you do not see a listing for your language when all translation work was already done. The following links work for the language you set in your user preferences:

Note that you have to request translator permissions before you can start translating. If you would like to get notified about new translatable pages or changes to existing translatable pages on a regular basis you may want to sign up for notifications.

The pages documenting features and usage of Semantic MediaWiki are mostly only up do date in English. Also they would require some restructuring and a more complex translation set up which has not been done yet. For these reasons this wiki currently does not offer translations of these pages via the designated translation interface.