Wiltshire Parent Carer Council

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Wiltshire Parent Carer Council
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WPCC is a voluntary organisation, run by parent carers for parent carers. They offer a specialist consultation and participation service that gives parents a voice about the services and support their children and families receive.

The site was created using MW and SMW functionality to provide an easy to use CMS system to allow WPCC to control their own content and publish events.

Users can quickly find a wealth of information on local services, support groups, activities and organisations using an intuitive semantic navigation system.

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The SRF Filtered format was extended to allow filtering on the activities calendar view, we already had one on the list view, but the demand for both list views and calendar views meant that the additional view was required.

A semantic linking scheme was implemented to separate articles, sections and subsections to create a reference point for visitors to the site. The content of each section is automatically colour coded so visitors know which section of the site they are in no matter how they reached the page.

A fully custom skin was implemented which is W3C compliant as many users of the site have disabilities.