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WikiTrek is the most comprehensive guide to Star Trek in Italian. It is a standard MediaWiki-based wiki and its peculiarity is to use both Wikibase and Semantic MediaWiki


WikiTrek contains big amount of both prose, for instance in the episodes' summary, and raw data, like technical data on ships or productions. All the data are stored in the companion site DataTrek in a Wikibase instance, but it was necessary to find an easy and versatile tool to query them in Wikitrek.


Without duplicating data, LUA scripts are in place to import data from DataTrek and to enrich them with semantic properties in WikiTrek, so they are centrally stored in the Wikibase instance, but alse easily queried and presented to the users with the help of SMW.

This solution was presented during 2021 WikiDataCon and the presentation is available on Wikimedia Commons.