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VCard format
Exports data in vCard format.
Further Information
Provided by: Extension "Semantic Result Formats"
Added: 1.4.2
Removed: still supported
Requirements: none
Format name: vcard
Enabled? Indicates whether the result format is enabled by default upon installation of the respective extension. yes
Authors: Markus Krötzsch , Denny Vrandečić , Frank Dengler
Categories: export
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The result format vcard, part of extension "Semantic Result Formats"Provides additional formats for semantic queries, is used to produce links for downloading data from a wiki in vCard format. It is a special format for data export as explained in Inline queries, and therefore properties must use known labels to specify how the wiki data relates to the vCard format.


Parameter Type Default Description
filename text vCard.vcf The name for the output file

Starting with extension "Semantic Result Formats"Provides additional formats for semantic queries version 3.1.0 this result format provides the new "filename" parameter that allows to set a specific name for the output file which defaults to "vCard.vcf".1

Data fields[edit]

Properties in printout statements should use one of the following labels, or otherwise are ignored in the resulting vCard. The available fields are:

  • name (displayed full name)
  • prefix (something like "Dr.")
  • suffix (something like "Jr.")
  • firstname
  • extraname (middle name)
  • lastname
  • birthday (a date)
  • homepage
  • note (any other text)
  • email
  • workphone
  • cellphone
  • homephone
  • organization
  • workpostofficebox
  • workextendedaddress
  • workstreet
  • worklocality
  • workregion
  • workpostalcode
  • workcountry
  • homepostofficebox
  • homeextendedaddress
  • homestreet
  • homelocality
  • homeregion
  • homepostalcode
  • homecountry

Most fields including the phone numbers have no special format and will take whatever you give them.



This would display a link to download the vCard. The example shows that you have to label the queried properties in case they do not correspond to the name of the data fields mentioned below, e.g property "mail" has to be labeled with "email".


Lists of vCards work very well on most address book tools with the notable exception of MS Outlook. Outlook users can only import the first contact in each vCard file, and must therefore import contacts individually from many links, or consider moving to another tool for personal information management, such as Thunderbird. Outlook also is reported to fail at character decoding in some cases, e.g. if names use non-latin encoding.


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