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Please add your argument for a certain name in this list. "✔" indicates a positive factor, "✘" indicates a negative factor.

argument SMWCon EMWCon XMWCon KMCon, XXX
description original name (Europe) newer name (North America since 2016) entirely new name (idea) entirely new name, could be anything
meaning Semantic Enterprise Experience (as in UX user experience) knowledge management
establishment ✔ established, since 2010 (as long as there is no better name, this name should be used) since 2016 new
part of a series ✔ European part, name could stay ✔ North American part, name could stay
connotation Semantic Web ✘ "Enterprise" not often used in German speaking countries
self-explanatory ✘ no ✘ no ✘ no maybe
scope only SMW users – not including only MediaWiki, other wikis = related to the software / extensions behind it ✔ "only" enterprise users – not including private users, institutions = related to the customer groups