Hi there! I'm Pragun Bhutani, a final year engineering student from Gurgaon, India.

I like learning about web technologies, user interface/experience and design.
I code in CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I think about technology, cars, the universe, Marvin (the one with a brain the size of a planet), travel and food.

Out of GSoC 2013, I hope to learn a lot more about how it is to work with a truly international organization. I'm also looking forward to learning a little more about how your users' limitations affect your solution approaches and how hard/easy it is to work with a team remotely! I'm very excited about this summer and I hope the experience will turn out to be rewarding for both myself and the Wikimedia foundation.

My Work

I've been an active participant of the Open source developers club at my university. I've contributed to WIkimedia and a few other Open source organizations in the past.

Mediawiki Gerrit commits.

GSoC 2013 - Mobilize Wikidata

I've been accepted into GSoC 2013 and I'll be working on Mobilizing Wikidata.

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