Hi there! I'm Pragun Bhutani, a final year engineering student from Gurgaon, India.

I like learning about web technologies, user interface/experience and design.
I code in CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I think about technology, cars, the universe, Marvin (the one with a brain the size of a planet), travel and food.

Out of GSoC 2013, I hope to learn a lot more about how it is to work with a truly international organization. I'm also looking forward to learning a little more about how your users' limitations affect your solution approaches and how hard/easy it is to work with a team remotely! I'm very excited about this summer and I hope the experience will turn out to be rewarding for both myself and the Wikimedia foundation.

My Work[edit]

I've been an active participant of the Open source developers club at my university. I've contributed to WIkimedia and a few other Open source organizations in the past.

Mediawiki Gerrit commits.

GSoC 2013 - Mobilize Wikidata[edit]

I've been accepted into GSoC 2013 and I'll be working on Mobilizing Wikidata.

Contact Me[edit]