Testing semantic annotation features in Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

I set up this account in order to test the semantic tagging features in mediawiki. I'm going to a conference in Trondheim, Norway next week to do a presentation on semantic web/linked data in libraries. The conference is called Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries (EMTACL). I'm a systems librarian in St. John's Newfoundland, so that's the sort of thing we do for fun.

So far mediawiki has not offered me any semantic annotations, so I will probably have to go and read the docs. Maybe I need to install some browser plugins.

What if I throw in a few phrases like the social web, natural language processing, and humanities computing? Yup, putting in those words returned much more relevant related articles. I've inserted the top suggestions at the bottom of the post.

The suggested photos include the lovely one that I've inserted of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. I also have several photos of RDF graphs, one of developers working on the semantic version of Drupal, and several pictures of libraries. That's pretty good, right?

It might be better if I threw in a couple of names. Let's try Kingsley Idehen, Paul Miller, and Richard Cyganiak, all actively involved in linked data architecture and evangelism. I'm getting some in-text link suggestions, but only for Paul. I've added the suggested link - it's not linking to Cloud of Data as I expected, but Mr. Miller seems to have several blogs on the go right now.

Okay. I've probably got enough to take my screenshots. Overall I'm pretty happy with the results that Zemanta returned for this blog post. I'll probably keep using it, and I might even decide to post a few more things here.