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  • There are, roughly, 4 ways to build a semantic-template:
    1. simple-annotations (e.g. [[foo prop::value]])
    values displayed formatted (as links / with units, aliased page-titles, etc)
    BUT cannot use values with wiki-syntax (e.g. [[Description::See [[Help:FAQ]]]]) does not parse) even if parser strict mode is disabled (note: default is enabled).
    2. #set annotations + accompanied by respective #show query
    Can set any value, displayed formatted automatically,
    BUT it is expensive (if there many annotations + #show-queries on a page).
    3. #set annotation using the template parameter.
    Can set any value, fast,
    BUT needs manual templating work to format the displayed values (and not always working).
    4. Massive #set annotations, and a single #ask query
    Can set any value, automatically formatted, fast
    BUT #ask needs templating work for the whole results (i.e. may require elaborate use of result-formatting templates).
  • Properties "imported" from external vocabularies:
  • Remember to inspect Special:ProcessingErrorList for SMW problems, included in the Velawiki:Data issues "gardening" page.