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Idea/want list[edit]

Some thoughts on features I'd like to have supported in SMW or related extensions that is not on the roadmap yet. Nothing formal, just a draft like listing so I can keep track of what pops up into my head.

Results formats[edit]

  • Support for interactive result formats that allow you to filter and expand data. Obviously each format will have to implement this itself, but a general infrastructure to handle HTTP reqs needed for this functionality in SMW would be very nice.
  • More control over the display of values for properties. For example when using #show to list all attendees of a single event, you can't really change the display right now.
  • Syntax extension to group results.
  • Syntax extension to allow modifying of the page name based on properties. Might make sense to implement this as a more general feature.


Better support of non-structured data[edit]

Forms currently focus on templates with structured data. It'd be nice if non-structured data was better supported, so the form could be used at all points in the edit process. Stuff I'd like to be able to do:

  • Have multiple free text regions (in between templates)
  • Have forms support page sections, so it's possible to create fields per page section, and allow adding page sections via a GUI.
  • Support for nesting of templates

These things probably require some significant changes to both the page parsing and page printing code of SF, but IMO the lack of these features is one of the main arguments to not (fully) using SF. When more full support for these things is available, you can also envision [edit with form] links per page section and similar awesomeness.