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Parameter Type Default Description
zoom whole number 14 The zoom level for the map. For maps with markers this will default to the most zoomed in level that still shows all markers.
type text roadmap The map type to initially show.
types list of texts roadmap, satellite, hybrid, terrain The map types that will be available via the type control.
layers list of texts empty Special layers to load onto the map.
controls list of texts pan, zoom, type, scale, streetview, rotate The controls to place on the map.
zoomstyle text default The style of the zoom control.
typestyle text default The style of the type control.
autoinfowindows yes/no no Automatically open all info windows after the page has loaded.
resizable yes/no no Makes the map resizable by dragging at its lower right corner.
kmlrezoom yes/no no Rezoom the map after the KML layers have been loaded.
poi yes/no yes Show points of interest.
markercluster yes/no no Allows merging of multiple nearby markers into one marker
clustergridsize whole number 60 The grid size of a cluster in pixels.
clustermaxzoom whole number 20 The maximum zoom level where clusters may exist.
clusterzoomonclick yes/no yes Whether the default behaviour of clicking on a cluster is to zoom into it.
clusteraveragecenter yes/no yes Whether the center of each cluster should be the average of all markers in the cluster.
clusterminsize whole number 2 The minimum number of markers to be in a cluster before the markers are hidden and a count is shown.
imageoverlays List of image overlays empty Allows adding an image to be shown on the specified location on the map.
kml list of texts empty KML files to load onto the map.
gkml list of texts empty KML files hosted by Google to load onto the map.
searchmarkers text empty Allows to search for specific markers via a field embedded into the map.
enablefullscreen yes/no no Enable fullscreen button
scrollwheelzoom yes/no no Indicates if mouse scrolling should be enabled or not.