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User:Yury Katkov/First CfP SMWCon Fall 2012

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Yury KaktovUser:Yury Katkov/First CfP SMWCon Fall 2012
Hello! This is an announcement of Semantic MediaWiki 
Conference 'SMWCon Fall 2012'.

Cologne (Köln), Germany, 

October 24-26 2012.


SMWCon is an event for everyone who is interested in collaborative 
knowledge creation and semantic wikis. If you use SMW in your projects 
or want to know how it can be applied to your needs or want to discuss 
the future of the project, SMWCon is a right place to go. 
As always, in the first day we will have some introductory tutorials for 
those who want to learn more about Semantic MediaWiki. The second and 
the third day of the conference will include talks from the developers 
and users of SMW. 
We also will have some talks about Wikidata project and Semantic
MediaWiki roadmap. 

We have started to form a program of the conference.
To register or write the annotation of your talk you should edit 
the page 


See you in Cologne! 

Sincerely yours, 
Yury Katkov, program chair