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Suggested changes j(ust a quick draft)


The intention is not to be comprehensive and list every SMW-powered wiki ever produced.

  • Be informative and educational: it can useful for others to know who uses SMW, how it is used and what for, etc. Learn from best practices.
  • Strengthen the community in doing so. Maybe get to know others using SMW in similar applications.
  • Promote use of SMW by showcasing its strengths
    • Not all wikis listed will necessarily contribute to this goal. WofM was a good step in this direction, but there may be other ways.
  • Historical interest? Probably not.


  • Every site that we showcase should have a page in the Site namespace
  • A new template is available (Template:SMW site new - to be renamed), but will be improved as we progress. Template:SMW site is being phased out.
  • If the site has been Wiki of the Month in the past, move the description to a subpage and use a modified template.
  • The statistics added through the old template (page count, user count, etc.) present a bit of a problem. They represent a particular moment in time (a 'Stattime' is recorded), often going back to the early 2010s, but are not usually updated. They make sense for the wikis that were elected 'wiki of the month', but much less so for other wikis, for which such information may now be little else than a historical curiosity. We can keep the stats in the source code of the page, just in case, but choose not to display it (WofM being the exception here).
    • As for up-to-date stats, WikiApiary is being revived though it is unknown how long that process will take to get to where it needs to be.
  • The status of a site can be many things. Is it publicly available, or private? Is it private but the data from SMW are used to power a public website (e.g. WWII website). Is it still active, abandoned but available. Is the wiki no longer available as such but is there an archived version (e.g. Practical Plants). Is it still going strong, but the site no longer uses SMW, or it has stopped using MediaWiki (in the latter case, probably best to remove it). I thought I could wrap everything into one comprehensive proprty, but maybe not - maybe use public/private separately from active/abandoned/archived. Needs streamlining.