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Deinstalling Semantic MediaWiki
Describes how to deinstall Semantic MediaWiki
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This help page explains how to deinstall extension "Semantic MediaWiki"Allows to store and query data annotated to pages in three steps when using MediaWiki 1.25 and later.

This help page assumes that you have command line access to the server running your wiki and that using Composer was installed globally.

Step 1: Remove database tables[edit]

Change to the Semantic MediaWiki maintenance directory
cd /path/to/code/of/SemanticMediaWiki/maintenance
Issue the command for deleting the database tables
php setupStore.php --delete
Confirm the deletion of the database tables
You are about to delete all data stored in the SMW backend SMWSQLStore3.
This backend is CURRENTLY IN USE. Deleting it is likely to BREAK YOUR WIKI.
To undo this operation later on, a complete refresh of the data will be needed.
If you are sure you want to proceed, type DELETE.

Step 2: Remove software[edit]

Change to the root directory of MediaWiki
cd /path/to/root/of/MediaWiki
Remove the reference to Semantic MediaWiki[1]
nano composer.local.json

The reference, disregarding the version information, should look like this: "mediawiki/semantic-media-wiki": "~2.5",

If there are more references to extensions requiring Semantic MediaWiki you need to remove these as well, e.g. "mediawiki/semantic-result-formats": "~2.5",, etc.
Pay attention to the trailing comma at the end of the line. Only the last line of the section you are editing does not have it. You need to ensure valid json formatting.
Issue the command for uninstalling Semantic MediaWiki
composer update --no-dev

Step 3: Remove specific wikitext[edit]

Now go to all your pages and templates holding wikitext specific to Semantic MediaWiki and remove it, e.g. annotations like [[PropertyName::PropertyValue]] or [[PropertyName::{{{1|}}}]] as well as queries like {{#ask: ... }} etc. Extensions like extension "ReplaceText" ( or extension "MassEditRegex" ( may help you with this task.

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  1. You may use any other editor of your choice.