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Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum (TIR)


"Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum (TIR) is an online edition of the Raetic inscriptions in the form of an interactive online platform of the MediaWiki type. It was created during an FWF-funded research project (no. P 25495) conducted at the Department for Linguistics of the University of Vienna. Funding ran from 24th June 2013 until 23rd June 2016. [...] The aim of the TIR project was a comprehensive collection, display and linguistic analysis of the inscriptions which are considered part of the Raetic corpus. The project therefore comprised the following tasks:

  • Collecting all Raetic inscriptions hitherto known, including those of doubtful status.
  • Examining the original inscriptions, and documenting them, including photos, drawings and photogrammetry.
  • Collecting and examining the secondary literature concerning both the individual inscriptions, and Raetic language and script, archaeology, and history in general.
  • Creating a database and online interactive platform capable of displaying the inscriptions in an online corpus, with all aspects of the inscriptions (linguistic, archaeological, and graphematic data) documented exhaustively."

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