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SMW Sponsorship
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SMW is offering several sponsorship opportunities in order to bring our open-source-community to the next level and secure the future of SMW!

The goals of the sponsorship program are
  • to give contributors incentives to contribute more and regularly
  • to give companies who are contributing time of their staff visibility
  • to give users of SMW the opportunity to contribute without the need to have someone who can code
  • to make the overall SMW community broader, more active and more visible

Donate time now!
via self-declaration
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Sponsorship plan Time Money
Platinum Sponsor 12-16h/week 4.000 EUR/Month
Gold Sponsor 6-8h/week 2.000 EUR/Month
Silver Sponsor 3-4h/week 1.000 EUR/Month
Bronze Sponsor 2h/week 500 EUR/Month
Copper Sponsor 1h/week 250 EUR/Month

The pages of each sponsorship type hold information on what is included in the different sponsorship plans. Don't confuse these sponsorship opportunities with the opportunities that the organizer's of the SMWCons offer each year.

How does it work?

Donating Time[edit]

If you want to donate time, you can start any time. We appreciate occasional contributors as always. E. g. occasional contributions on GitHub will be mentioned in each release. The sponsorship opportunities here are for people or oranizations that can - at least for some time period - donate regularly. As you can see, this starts as low as 1h/week.

1. Start donating your time[edit]

What you do is completely up to you. Both technical and non-technical tasks are possible. Here are some examples:

  • Technical tasks: Coding (bug fixing, implementing features, reviewing PRs, adding tests, making releases)...
  • Non-technical tasks: Manual testing, reviewing bug reports, organizing GitHub, adding documentation, create instructional videos, picking up the “wiki of the month” section, starting a SMW blog…
Note: SMW sponsoring activities should be done primarily on SMW GitHub repos or https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org! You can do other activities (like testing something locally) but the results of these activities should be reported on the GitHub repos or visible on the SMW website.

2. Keep a small changelog/blog on your sponsorship page[edit]

Every sponsor has the opportunity to present themselves on a sponsorship page. For those whose work is visible anyway, there is not much to do: maybe you want to name the GitHub users that are the developers working for you and everything you do will be visible on GitHub anyway. So the blog ist just for documenting activities that are not visible on GitHub or semantic-mediawiki.org.

In case you are donating time towards tasks that leave no immediate trace, just have a short changelog, something like this:

  • 2023-05
    • created a promotional video for SMW, now available on SMWs YouTube Channel
    • organized two meetings where improvement of the spanish language documentation of SMW website was discussed

3. Keep up your work or make a pause[edit]

You can pause your sponsorship anytime. You have a great project coming along in summer, during which you will not be able to keep up your commitment? No problem. Just unset your sponsorship for this time and make it active again afterwards. In case you forget: someone else can also undo your sponsorship in case there are no traces to be found anywhere. In case this happens, don't worry: just update your changelog and edit your sponsorship info and you are online again in a minute!

Donating money[edit]


The first opportunity is that you donate to a company or individual, who will work the amount of hours for you. This way, already employed programmers can devote even more time or freelancers can be contracted if you don’t have your own staff.

You can add yourself here: Sponsorship/Resources if you are a company or individual willing to spend the amount of time/week for others who donate money. For receiving a bill/receipt for your payment, the listed organizations/individuals are in charge. It is up to you to agree with the organization or individual listed what and how much you pay. The money indicated is just an example. Whatever amount you decide on, the work that is done for your sponsorship has to be visible as a time donation (see above).

Direct or one-time donations[edit]

If you just want to donate one of the amounts mentioned above and not be bothered with anything more, you can donate via open collective! You will receive a bill for your donation automatically and the usage of all money will be made transparent via the open collective website.

Open Collective Europe is the fiscal host for money donations towards SMW. All received and spent payments will be transparent. For more information, see https://docs.opencollective.com/oceurope/


More information can be found in our Sponsorship/FAQs.

Thank you to the SMW sponsors:

Semantic MediaWiki  Gold Sponsor
Knowledge Management AssociatesWiki Consulting, Knowledge.wiki, Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management Associates

Wiki Consulting, Knowledge.wiki, Knowledge Management
Details about the KM-A sponsorship
Semantic MediaWiki  Silver Sponsor
Enterprise class SMW - setup, customization, programming, consulting and training.
Enterprise class SMW - setup, customization, programming, consulting and training.
Details about the gesinn.it sponsorship
Semantic MediaWiki  Bronze Sponsor

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