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I was asked to provide information about my Semantic MediaWiki site as it was noticed and suggested for the wiki of the month. I had heard that Whealton Family Genealogy was noticed and so I thought I'd share this one also which uses the same setup, everything is the same.

Some people on a genealogy mailing list found interest in this and so I created this site also, that uses the same database and wiki setup: My Family Lineage My Family Lineage, a Genealogy Wiki It was created by me, Bruce Whealton. Both wikis are about genealogy. I have a main form for entering individuals. I also have a form for entering Marriage information. The Person form will let people enter Name, Gender, Spouse, Father, Mother, Descendents, Ancestors, Siblings, Children, Photo, Web pages and Biography.

I would like to see more people use it but it is in early release. I wouldn’t mind getting some contributors to help with the site design and development also. I have been trying to do it all myself and have ran into a few difficulties here and there.

I wanted to make use of the Semantic Web technologies and make the data available as RDF that can be queried from other sites and other applications, at some point. This is my contribution to the Open Data Initiative and the Semantic Web. I find the Semantic Web very exciting.

Semantic Extensions Used[edit]

I use the main Semantic MediaWiki extension along with Semantic Forms, Widgets, Maps, and Parser functions. The main one used is the Semantic Forms.

Vocabulary Terms Used[edit]

I wanted to be sure to use the following vocabularies:

  1. FOAF:
  2. BIO: A vocabulary for biographical Information:
  3. REL: A Vocabulary for describing relationships between people:

So, these are defined in the wiki as external vocabularies. I then created properties that related to the fields I wanted to use in my first form that I would call Person. I also defined a Template that would match the form fields to the terms from the vocabularies, FOAF, BIO and REL. So, I have the following properties defined on the form and with the template:

  1. foaf:Person
  2. bio:Father
  3. bio:Mother
  4. bio:Partner
  5. bio:place
  6. dc:date
  7. foaf:firstName
  8. foaf:lastName
  9. foaf:gender
  10. foaf:page
  11. rdfs:seeAlso
  12. rel:ancestorOf
  13. rel:descendentOf
  14. rel:grandchildOf
  15. rel:parentOf
  16. rel:siblingOf
  17. rel:spouseOf


This is a work in progress as I stated and I sure hope that this bring attention and other contributors! Thanks,