Help:SPARQLStore and Sesame

Sesame access point to the SPARQLStore
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Short name: Sesame
Provided by: Semantic MediaWiki
Added: 2.1.0
Removed: still in use
Keyword : RDFRDF · SPARQLStoreSPARQLStore · Database connectorDatabase connector · SesameSesame · Open-rdf-sesameOpen-rdf-sesame
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Sesame is supported starting with Semantic MediaWiki 2.1.0. It is recommended to use the following settings (also used during testing):


It uses the generic database connector where the endpoint is redirect to a specific repository (example uses SYSTEM repository).

$smwgDefaultStore = 'SMWSparqlStore';
$smwgSparqlDatabaseConnector = 'sesame';
$smwgSparqlQueryEndpoint = 'http://localhost:8080/openrdf-sesame/repositories/SYSTEM';
$smwgSparqlUpdateEndpoint = 'http://localhost:8080/openrdf-sesame/repositories/SYSTEM/statements';
$smwgSparqlDataEndpoint = '';
$smwgSparqlDefaultGraph = ''; # optional name of default graph