Semantic MediaWiki chatroom

Semantic MediaWiki chatroomSemantic MediaWiki chatroom

As of the beginning of 2019 the chatroom is no longer actively used.

Semantic MediaWiki maintains a chatroom (IRC channel), #semantic-mediawiki, on FreeNode. This chatroom can be used for discussing all issues related to both Semantic MediaWiki itself and any of its spin-off extensions. The logs for this chatroom are collected at

You can get there through FreeNode's regular and Javascript-based clients or via the browser by clicking on the button below:

Access via web
Since there are only a few people using the IRC channel questions will in most cases neither be noticed nor answered. Thus the best way to inquire is in almost all cases the Semantic MediaWiki User Mailing list.

Accessing the chatroom (IRC)

The usual way to access the chatroom on IRC is with an IRC client. Some popular clients include:

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