Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.1

Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.1Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.1
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Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.1
Release date: March 9, 2023
Previous version: Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.0
Next version: Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.2
Compatible with: MW 1.35.0 - 1.37.x
Current version:
SMW 4.1.3

Version 4.1.1 av Semantic MediaWiki är den kommande releasen efter releasen Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.0. Det är en underhållsversion som ökar versionskompatibilitet med MediaWiki 1.39 och PHP 8.1 och erbjuder felåtgärder och översättningsuppdateringar. Läs de engelskspråkiga ANTECKNINGARNA nederst på denna sida för mer information.

Läs hjälpsidorna installering eller uppgradering av Semantic MediaWiki för att få detaljerad information om hur man går till väga.

Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.1

Released on March 9, 2023.


This is a patch release. Thus it contains only bug fixes. No new features or breaking changes.

This release improves compatibility with MediaWiki 1.39 and PHP 8.1.


  • Improved MediaWiki 1.39 compatibility (thanks Jeroen De Dauw)
  • Improved PHP 8.1 compatibility (thanks Morne Alberts)
  • Fixed SQLite compatibility issue (thanks Marijn van Wezel)
  • Fixed Maps compatibility issue (thanks Universal Omega)
  • Various grammar and spelling fixes (thanks Amir E. Aharoni)
  • Translation updates

Technical notes

  • Dropped dependence on onoi/shared-resources and added copies of these resource loader modules to SMW: onoi.qtip, onoi.rangeslider, onoi.blobstore, onoi.clipboard, noi.dataTables. This fixes


Top contributors

  1. Amir E. Aharoni from TranslateWiki
  2. Morne Alberts from Professional Wiki
  3. CosmicAlpha from Professional Wiki
  4. Jeroen De Dauw from Professional Wiki
  5. MPThLee

Code contributions

  • Amir E. Aharoni
  • CosmicAlpha
  • Morne Alberts
  • MPThLee
  • Jeroen De Dauw
  • Sébastien Beyou
  • Greg Rundlett
  • Marijn van Wezel
  • Meno25
  • Sophivorus
  • Vedmaka
  • Will Cohen


No need to run "update.php" or any other migration scripts.

Get the new version via Composer:

  • Step 1: if you are upgrading from SMW older than 4.0.0, ensure the SMW version in composer.json is ^4.1.1
  • Step 2: run composer in your MediaWiki directory: composer update --no-dev --optimize-autoloader

Get the new version via Git:

This is only for those that have installed SMW via Git.

  • Step 1: do a git pull in the SemanticMediaWiki directory
  • Step 2: run composer update --no-dev --optimize-autoloader in the MediaWiki directory
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