Semantic MediaWiki 4.0.1

Semantic MediaWiki 4.0.1Semantic MediaWiki 4.0.1
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Semantic MediaWiki 4.0.1
Release date: March 24, 2022
Previous version: Semantic MediaWiki 4.0.0
Next version: Semantic MediaWiki 4.0.2
Compatible with: MW 1.35.0 - 1.37.x
Current version:
SMW 4.1.3

Version 4.0.1 av Semantic MediaWiki är den tredje utgåvan efter den större utgåvan Semantic MediaWiki 4.0.1. Det är en underhållsutgåva som kommer med buggfixar och översättningsuppdateringar. Läs de engelskspråkiga RELEASE NOTES under den här sidan för ytterligare information.

Läs hjälpsidorna installering eller uppgradering av Semantic MediaWiki för att få detaljerad information om hur man går till väga.

Semantic MediaWiki 4.0.1

Released on March 24, 2022.


This is a patch release, meaning that it contains only fixes and no breaking changes.

This release improves compatibility with MediaWiki 1.38, fixes a warning occurring on MediaWiki 1.36 and later, and closes a minor HTML table generation issue.

Users of MediaWiki 1.36 and later are encouraged to upgrade.


  • Added support for installation with MediaWiki 1.38 by merging in the Tesa library. This avoids a composer error that mentions wikimedia/cdb. Semantic MediaWiki does not officially support the unreleased MediaWiki 1.38 yet! Improvements made by Jeroen De Dauw from Professional.Wiki.
  • Improved MediaWiki 1.38 compatibility by using ParserOutput getPageProperty. By C. Scott Ananian.
  • Fixed warning occurring on MediaWiki 1.36 and above during serialization. By Sébastien Beyou
  • Fixed HTML table creation issue, where closing tags would be added to empty tables. By "miriamschlindwein".
  • Localisation updates from the community of translators


Just get the new version. No need to run update.php or any other migration scripts.

The parser function was called multiple times but with a different language code ("en") which is to be avoided as content of a page is generally expected to be represented by a single language.