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This page serves to collect blockers for the SMW 1.8 release and is meant to facilitate coordination around the release process.


  • SQLStore 3 as default store
  • #set not working with non 0-9 a-Z characters or multiple values bug 36309
  • Query further results not rendering links bug 38914
  • Boolean properties are dropped when SMW_refreshData.php is run bug 38920
  • Bug in concept conditions. bug 38878
  • Problems with date conversion bug 38723
  • Special:Properties displays strange results bug 29422
  • Compat changes to JSON format
  • Compat changes to some SRF formats

Nice to have[edit]

Fixes or enhancements that should go in the release if possible, but do not block it. This is not a list of all features we would like to have at some point, for that see the Roadmap.

  • inference in printout statements bug 12822
  • All SRF result printers should be migrated to use one of the new parameter definitions styles