Semantic MediaWiki 1.7.1 beta


February 15 2012. The first beta release of Semantic MediaWiki 1.7.1, the next minor version after 1.7.0, is now available. This is a beta release and should not be used on production wikis! So far 1.7.1 brings a ton of bugfixes and some minor additions.


Install / upgrade[edit]

You can just replace the old files with the new. No further steps are needed. Furthermore, no compatibility breaking changes have been made.


  • Added "Last editor is" and "Is a new page" special properties (bug 34359).
  • Added basic support for OpenLink Virtuoso RDF database. In addition to $smwgDefaultStore = 'SMWSparqlStore', users should set $smwgSparqlDatabase = 'SMWSparqlDatabaseVirtuoso' and use Virtuoso's SPARQL endpoint at ./sparql/ for query and update alike. for further remarks and known limitations, see the file ./includes/sparql/SMW_SparqlDatabaseVirtuoso.php.
  • Added ability to sort dates as dates in tables generated by SMW (bug 25768).
  • When there are only invalid query conditions, query answering is stopped (bug 33177).
  • Fixed display of nearby values on Special:SearchByProperty (bug 34178).
  • Fixed display of URL values (bug 34312, 34044).
  • Fixed warning when browsing certain property pages (bug 34306).
  • Fixed failure of SMW_setup --delete when using PostgreSQL (bug 31153).
  • Fixed division by 0 error when setting the "Corresponds to" property to 0 (bug 32594).
  • Fixed accept header send with SPARQL query requests (bug 32280).
  • Fixed unresolved prefixed name in SPARQL queries (bug 33687).
  • Fixed issues with modification date property occurring when using SMWSparqlStore (bug 30989).
  • Fixed erroneous SPARQL for property value comparison queries (bug 30993).
  • Fixed broken +index=x for records (bug 30284).
  • Fixed querying of subobjects using 4store as a datastore.
  • Fixed issue with namespace internationalization (bug 34383).

Testing and reporting issues[edit]

If you find any issues with this beta release, please report them on bugzilla under extensions/SemanticMediaWiki, or on the semediawiki-user mailing list, so they can be addressed before the actual release.

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