Semantic MediaWiki 1.6.0 released


July 30 2011. The new version of SMW, Semantic MediaWiki 1.6.0, has now been released. In this new major version, Semantic MediaWiki has again seen a significant number of internal changes for better extendibility and less bugs. Notable changes are full support of synchronization of SMW with external RDF stores, major reorganization concerning datatypes (namespace Type abolished, no custom datatypes, changes to datatypes Number and Record, built in properties for every supported datatype), new built in result format DSV (Delimiter-separated values), improved error reporting for ask queries, improved support for PostgreSQL. Upgrading from earlier versions of SMW is easy but needs some additional steps in certain cases, see Help:Installation 1.6.0 - 1.6.2 for details. Further information is found on the SMW 1.6.0 page.

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