Semantic MediaWiki 1.5.1

Semantic MediaWiki 1.5.1
Release date: May 31, 2010
Previous version: Semantic MediaWiki 1.5.0
Next version: Semantic MediaWiki 1.5.2
Compatible with: MW 1.14.x - 1.17.x
Current version:
SMW 4.1.3

Version 1.5.1 of Semantic MediaWiki is the next minor release after SMW 1.5.0 that adds some new features and includes a number of internal fixes and software architecture improvements that improve SMW's extendibility.

Upgrading existing installations[edit]

Installations of SMW 1.5.0 can be upgraded by just replacing the files, but it must be noted that not all SMW extensions may already be available in versions compatible to SMW 1.5.1. Others are and should be updated together with SMW, such as Extension "Maps" which now requires version 0.6. If problems occur, it is possible to go back to 1.5.0 by simply using the old files, waiting with the upgrade until the relevant extensions provide updates.

It is suggested to change the inclusion of SMW in LocalSettings.php to the following as described in the installation instructions above:


Including SMW_Settings.php as in earlier versions will continue to work, but may be disabled in some future version.

For upgrading older versions, please see the installation instructions.


New query comparator "NOT LIKE"[edit]

A query comparator !~ has been added. It works like the negation of ~, i.e. it retrieves exactly those values to which the provided pattern (with * and ?) does not match.

Extended OWL/RDF export[edit]

Updated OWL/RDF export to include more data (modification dates, and page namespaces). Changed export ontology to no longer use OWL AnnoationProperties since OWL 2 supports property values also for classes/properties.

Code improvements and structure changes[edit]

Code style and structure has been improved to follow the general MediaWiki conventions. Most notably, the file to include for loading SMW now is SemanticMediaWiki.php in the base directory (including the old SMW_Settings.php will still work but may be disabled in future versions).

Some structural changes also have been made for increasing modularity. In particular, this prepares of a future "SMWLight" release for wikis that want to enable users to add property values to pages, but which do not want to include complex query features.

Extended translations[edit]

As usual, translations have been extended thanks to the project.


SMW 1.5.1 closes a number of bugs and minor issues that have been identified in earlier versions.

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