Semantic MediaWiki 1.2 released: new query features, vCard export, sortkeys, faster


July 10 2008. The SMW Project is happy to announce the release of the new Semantic MediaWiki 1.2.0. The new version introduces a number of new features and general improvements. Please be sure to read the installation and upgrade instructions before updating an existing wiki.

The main new features, as detailed in this wiki, are:

  • New SMW storage backend (faster, better redirect support, OR in queries)
  • vCard export for query results
  • Improved semantic query syntax and processing (#show, property chains)
  • Support for custom sortkeys
  • Stored queries on Concept: pages (aka "dynamic categories" aka OWL classes)
  • Automated updates (update wiki when proprerties or templates changed)
  • Other: improved maintenance scripts, bugfixes, more translations

Important parts of the online documentation on this site have already been updated to the new version. The new documentation also includes an extended explanation of many query features, and separate pages for the available query printers.