Semantic Wiki Vocabulary and Terminology


Semantic Wiki Vocabulary and Terminology (SWiVT) is an ontology that describes the elements used in the export of Semantic MediaWiki. It was written provide authoritative documentation of the contents, status, and purpose of the OWL 2 vocabulary elements used in the OWL/RDF export of Semantic MediaWiki sites. It is structured into the following six segments:

  1. Annotations for wiki-generated ontologies in general
  2. Basic content-related classes and properties
  3. Classes specifying basic types of wiki properties
  4. Elements for describing units associated with properties
  5. Further information about properties
  6. Containers for direct encodings of simple lists

The official website is SWIVT Ontology Specification. The latest version is version 1.0 of May 27, 2010 and is available at this location. More information on all of it's subjects can be found on this very wiki.

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