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In an online voting, this logo has won and will be the new SMW logo

  • Rationale: Flatten the existing logo and update the wordmark font to look more modern and easier to use independently as a wordmark. Personally I think the hexagon from the existing logo communicates the term semantic fine and adding anything to the current MW logo might be too complex for use cases like smaller icon and badges.
  • Changes applied:
    • The existing icon was flatten so that it looks more modern, more adaptable (can be recolored and used in different scenarios), and have a smaller file size.
    • The sphere sizes were reduced to look a bit cleaner subjectively, and less clutter so that it can display properly when it is used as a small icon (i.e. badges). The radius of the orange circle is exactly 2x the radius of the blue circle.
    • The wordmark font was changed to be the same style as the MediaWiki 2020 logo so that it is holistic with the MediaWiki wordmark, which is directly used in the wordmark. The letters in the Semantic wordmark were hand-adjusted to have a uniform height, the most apparent ones are the horizontal stroke on the letter 't' and the dot on the letter 'i'.
    • The badge uses the same alignment and styles of the MW 2020 badge. The Powered by text is Lato Medium, same as the MW version.
    • All the logos are optimized with SVGO already, if you need the source file let me know as I only have in Adobe Illustrator.

Other logo proposals[edit]

Check out the new MediaWiki Logo inlcuding its variants and our current SMW logo.

In SMW blue[edit]

SMW logo-New-Blue.png

In MediaWiki-Logo colours[edit]

SMW logo-New-Red.png

Another proposal[edit]


  • Rationale: A mixture from the new MW logo with de old (current) elements from the SMW logo (the yellow and blue balls).

Yet another proposals[edit]