SMW Project releases SMW 1.4 alpha for extension developers


Oct 26 2008. Version 1.4 of Semantic MediaWiki will largely unify the treatment of "special properties" (like has type) and normal user-defined properties. Both can be queried in essentially the same ways, and new "special" properties will be introduced to allow new features. Together with other required clean-ups, this brings some changes for developers using SMW for their own extensions. To help extension developers in producing compatible updates for their software, the SMW Project releases an alpha version of SMW 1.4 which already includes all major internal API modifications. While many details changed their appearance, upgrading code to SMW 1.4 should in many cases boil down to some search and replace of small code pieces. Details will be discussed on the developer mailing list

Users are also invited to test the alpha version, but it is not recommended to use it on production sites yet. In particular, extensions for SMW 1.3 will most likely not work with SMW 1.4 without changes.