Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.0

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Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.0
Release date: October 29, 2015
Previous version: Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.0
Next version: Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.0
Compatible with: MW 1.19.0 - 1.25.x
Current version:
SMW 4.2.0

Version 2.3 of Semantic MediaWiki is the next big feature release after Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.0.

Please refer to the help page on installing Semantic MediaWiki to get detailed instructions on how to do this.

Semantic MediaWiki 2.3

Released on October 25th, 2015.

Highlight: Improved SPARQLStore support

SMWs SPARQLStore has now reached full feature parity with the SQLStore. On top of that, various performance improvements where made to the SPARQLStore.

The $GLOBALS['smwgSparqlQFeatures'] configuration setting now supports these additional values:

  • #1001 SMW_SPARQL_QF_REDI: enable property/value redirects support in queries
  • #1003 SMW_SPARQL_QF_SUBP: enable subproperty hierarchy support
  • #1012 SMW_SPARQL_QF_SUBC: enable subcategory hierarchy support

If your TDB back-end does not support SPARQL 1.1, this setting needs to be set to SMW_SPARQL_QF_NONE.

  • #1152 Added preference for use of canonical identifiers to support language agnostic category/property statements, (use $GLOBALS['smwgExportBCNonCanonicalFormUse'] = true to keep backwards compatibility until 3.x)
  • #1158 Added basic support for _geo queries to the SPARQLStore
  • #1159 Added limitation of the aux property usage in the Exporter (use $GLOBALS['smwgExportBCAuxiliaryUse'] = true; to keep backwards compatibility until 3.x)

New features and enhancements

  • #1042 Added progress indicator to rebuildData.php
  • #1047 Extended context help displayed on Special:Types and subsequent type pages
  • #1049 Improved MobileFrontend support
  • #1053 Added a CSS rule to visually distinguish subobject links from "normal" links
  • #1063 Added $GLOBALS['smwgValueLookupCacheType'] to improve DB lookup performance though the use of a responsive cache layer (such as redis) and buffer repeated requests either from the API or page view to the back-end.
  • #1066, #1075 It is now possible to use extra double colons in annotations. For instance [[DOI::10.1002/123::abc]] or [[Foo:::123]]
  • #1097 Predefined property aliases are redirected to the base property
  • #1107 The template support of #set now includes an automatically added last-element parameter
  • #1106 Added --skip-properties flag to rebuildData.php
  • #1106 rebuildData.php now first removes items marked for deletion
  • #1129 Extended ~* search pattern for _ema and _tel to allow for searches like [[Has telephone number::~*0123*]] and [[Has email::~*]]
  • #1147 The category result format now supports columns=0, which results in automatic column count selection
  • #1171 Added SQL EXPLAIN output to the debug result format
  • #1172 Added @category as parameter with a fixed assignment (_INST) to #subobject
  • #1178 Added ~ and !~ comparator support for values of type date

New experimental features

These features are disabled by default and can be turned on using configuration. Additional logging happens for these features until they mature from being an experimental feature in a future release.

  • #1035, #1063 Added CachedValueLookupStore as post-cached layer to improve DB read access ($GLOBALS['smwgValueLookupCacheType'], $GLOBALS['smwgValueLookupCacheLifetime'])
  • #1116 Added $GLOBALS['smwgValueLookupFeatures'] setting to fain grain the cache access level, default is set to SMW_VL_SD | SMW_VL_PL | SMW_VL_PV | SMW_VL_PS;
  • #1117 Added EmbeddedQueryDependencyLinksStore to track query dependencies and update altered queries using ParserCachePurgeJob for when $GLOBALS['smwgEnabledQueryDependencyLinksStore'] is enabled
  • #1135 Added $GLOBALS['smwgPropertyDependencyDetectionBlacklist'] to exclude properties from dependency detection
  • #1141 Added detection of property and category hierarchy dependency in EmbeddedQueryDependencyLinksStore

Bug fixes

  • #400 (#1222) Fixed RuntimeException in SQLStore caused by a DI type mismatch during a lookup operation
  • #682 Fixed id mismatch in SQLStore
  • #1005 Fixed syntax error in SQLStore(SQLite) for temporary tables on disjunctive category/subcategory queries
  • #1033 Fixed PHP notice in JobBase for non-array parameters
  • #1038 Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined method SMWDIError::getString
  • #1046 Fixed RuntimeException in UndeclaredPropertyListLookup for when a DB prefix is used
  • #1051 Fixed call to undefined method in ConceptDescriptionInterpreter in SQLStore
  • #1054 Fixed behavior for #REDIRECT to create the same data reference as Special:MovePage
  • #1059 Fixed usage of [[Has page::~*a*||~*A*]] for SPARQLStore when Has page is declared as page type
  • #1060 Fixed usage of (a OR b) AND (c OR d) as query pattern for the SQLStore
  • #1067 Fixed return value of the #set parser
  • #1074 Fixed duplicated error message for a _dat DataValue
  • #1081 Fixed mismatch of owl:Class for categories when used in connection with a vocabulary import
  • #1090 Fixed error on Special:Ask when using a format provided by Semantic Maps
  • #1126 Fixed silent annotations added by the Factbox when content contains [[ ... ]]
  • #1120 Fixed resource loading issue on Windows when using $wgResourceLoaderDebug=true
  • #233 Fixed disabling of $GLOBALS['wgFooterIcons']['poweredby']['semanticmediawiki']
  • #1137 Fixed re-setting of smw-admin user group permission to its default
  • #1146 Fixed #set rendering of template supported output (refs #1067)
  • #1096 Fixed inverse prefix for predefined properties that caused misinterpret Concept queries
  • #1166 Fixed context awareness of ParserAfterTidy in connection with the purge action
  • #1165 Fixed "duplicate key value violates unique constraint" for PostgreSQL on conjunctive and disjunctive queries
  • #1182 Fixed further link to use the format parameter as specified by #ask
  • #1207 Fixed usage of the !~ comparator for properties that have a limited set of allowed values

Improved handling of removed entities in SQLStore

In previous releases it could happen that deleted entities (subject, property) reappeared in queries even though they have been removed. This release introduces several changes to eliminate some of the issues identified.

  • #1100 introduced a deletion marker on entities that got deleted, making them no longer available to queries or special page display.
  • #1127 Added --shallow-update to rebuildData.php, to only parse those entities that have a different last modified timestamp compared to that of the last revision. This enables to run rebuildData.php updates on deleted, redirects, and other out of sync entities.
  • Solved #701 where an unconditional namespace query [[Help:+]] would display deleted subjects (in case those subjects were deleted)
  • #1105 Added filter to mark deleted redirect targets with SMW_SQL3_SMWDELETEIW
  • #1112 Added filter to mark outdated subobjects with SMW_SQL3_SMWDELETEIW
  • #1151 Added removal of unmatched "ghost" pages in the ID_TABLE

Internal changes

  • #1018 Added PropertyTableRowDiffer to simplify computation of SemanticData diff's (relates to #682)
  • #1039 Added SemanticData::getLastModified
  • #1041 Added ByIdDataRebuildDispatcher to isolate SMWSQLStore3SetupHandlers::refreshData
  • #1071 Added SMW::SQLStore::AddCustomFixedPropertyTables hook to simplify registration of fixed property tables by extensions
  • #1068 Added setting to support recursive annotation for selected result formats (refs #1055, #711)
  • #1086 Changed redirect update logic to accommodate the manual #REDIRECT (refs #895, #1054)
  • Added SMW::Browse::AfterIncomingPropertiesLookupComplete which allows to extend the incoming properties display for Special:Browse
  • Added SMW::Browse::BeforeIncomingPropertyValuesFurtherLinkCreate which allows to replace the further result incoming link in Special:Browse
  • #1078 Renamed ParserParameterFormatter to ParserParameterProcessor and ParameterFormatterFactory to ParameterProcessorFactory
  • #1102 Added onoi/http-request:~1.0 dependency
  • Decrease chunk size in UpdateDispatcherJob (refs #951)
  • #1110 Extended TurtleTriplesBuilder to split larger turtle sets into chunks
  • #1111 Added support for the atomic DB transaction mode to improve the rollback process in case of a DB transaction failure
  • #1108 Added CompositePropertyTableDiffIterator which for the added 'SMW::SQLStore::AfterDataUpdateComplete' returns ids that have been updated only (as diff of the update)
  • #1119 Added RequestOptionsProcessor
  • #1130 Added DeferredRequestDispatchManager to decouple jobs during an update
  • #1133 Fixed MW 1.25/1.26 API tests
  • #1145 Added onoi/callback-container:~1.0 and removes all custom DIC code from SMW-core
  • (964155) Added removal of whitespace for DIBlob values (" Foo " becomes "Foo")
  • #1149 Added InMemoryPoolCache to improve performance for the SPARQLStore during turtle serialization


Code contributors

  • MWJames
  • Jeroen De Dauw
  • Karsten Hoffmeyer (kghbln)
  • Felipe de Jong (jongfeli)
  • Vitaliy Filippov (vitalif)
  • paladox
  • Amir E. Aharoni
  • Joel K. Pettersson
  • umherirrender
  • Kunal Mehta (legoktm)

Other contributors

  • yoonghm
  • cicalese
  • bogota
  • plegault3397

Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.1

Released on June 2nd, 2015.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed "Notice: Undefined variable: dataItem" in QueryEngine
  • #1031 CategoryResultPrinter to recognize offset for further results
  • #1033 Fixed assumption that always an array is sent to JobBase for booleans
  • #1038 Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined method SMWDIError::getString
  • #1046 Fixed RuntimeException in UndeclaredPropertyListLookup when a DB prefix is used
  • #1051 Fixed call to DIWikiPage::getText in ConceptDescriptionInterpreter

Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.2

Released on July 7th, 2015.

Bug fixes

  • #1067 Fixed return value of the #set parser
  • #1081 Fixed mismatch of owl:Class for categories when used in connection with a vocabulary import

Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.3

Released on October 11th, 2015.

Bug fixes

  • #1201 Fixed php-serialization issue for SemanticData

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