SMW 0.1b

SMW 0.1b
Previous version: SMW 0.1a
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Current version:
SMW 4.1.3

From the RELEASE-NOTES[edit]

Changes by mak (0.1b, 1 Dec 2005):

  • Reworked internal data representation. All information now is properly encoded in URIs and decoded for display. This is an important prerequisite for storing attributes and auxilliary triples, which otherwise could not be distinguished from the relational information.
  • New Special SearchTriple to replace the current SearchSemantic, which is currently only half functional since it believes that the database contains only simple names for articles, but not full URIs.
  • Minor adjustments in handling of namespaces: namespaced articles now properly work as subjects and are displayed with namespace in the infobox.

Changes by mak (0.1b, 19 Nov 2005):

  • New type management; attributes can now be declared by creating relations of type "has type" inside their articles (Attribute:X). Possible targets are the builtin types (Type:String, Type:Geographic length, etc.).
  • New internal method SMWGetTriples for directly retrieving triples from the storage. Accepts subject, predicate, object pairs, where any two can be left out.
  • Improved layout for infoboxes.

Changes by mak (0.1b, 13 Nov 2005):

  • added support for separator "," in data numbers,
  • added tooltips for unit conversion.

Changes by mak (0.1b, 17 Oct 2005):

  • added attribute support [[attribute name:=value|alternative text]]; currently, parsing these within the article works, including an info box at the bottom; however, assignment from attributes to datatypes is still hardcoded and attribute-annotations are neither stored as triples nor are they supported in search,
  • added basic type support for STRING, INTEGER, and FLOAT,
  • added framework for unit conversion and first unit support: unit conversion is achieved by callback functions, so that adding types for new units boils down to writing a single unit conversion function,
  • code split into several files for easier collaboration of developers,
  • new naming convention "SMW"-prefix for all top level code elements of the extension,
  • moved main storage methods to SMW_Storage.php, this should simplify the conversion to another storage backend (triplestore),
  • moved stripping of semantic relations to SMW_Stripsemantics.php; if this feature is desired, this file needs to be updated slightly (also to include semantic attributes) and its methods connected to their appropriate hooks as done in 0.1