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The WikiApiary website collects, displays and analyzes information about MediaWiki websites. Once a website is registered with WikiApiary, a suite of bots will start collecting information about the versions of software being used, the amount of editing activity on the site as well as the use of Semantic MediaWiki. In that way, the WikiApiary can help MediaWiki administrators get a better insight into their sites and compare them with similar sites in the collection. Unfortunately, the WikiApiary bots are only able to work on unprotected websites. This leaves out a large amount of wikis that are protected or restricted for whatever kind of reason. Still, the WikiApiary could benefit from metadata gathered on those wikis, and their administrators could benefit from the comparison with other websites.

This discussion captures some ideas on how metadata from protected wikis can be harvested for WikiApiary, and which requirements can be identified and developed for improvement.



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