SMWCon Spring 2011 - Tutorials


Tutorials start at 10 AM, Thursday, April 28, 2011.

Please arrive early to allow time for registration and breakfast; door opens at 9:30am.

MediaWiki and Core SMW[edit]

Time: 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Led by: Yaron Koren

Slides: Spring 2011 SMWCon MediaWiki + Semantic MediaWiki tutorial.pdf

This tutorial will cover the following topics:

  • MediaWiki - a brief history, basic usage, wiki syntax, templates, categories
  • MediaWiki extensions - finding and installing extensions, some popular non-semantic extensions
  • The Semantic Web - semantic triples, a very brief guide to RDF and SPARQL
  • Semantic MediaWiki - a brief history, storing data, properties, types, #ask queries, "concepts", result formats, exporting data

The tutorial will include a hands-on element, with laptops.

Enhanced SMW[edit]

Time: 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM

Led by: Yaron Koren

Slides: No real slides for this one; it was very hands-on.

This tutorial will cover some of the popular extensions that are used to enhance the SMW experience, including Semantic Forms, Semantic Forms Inputs, Semantic Maps, Semantic Internal Objects, Semantic Drilldown, and elements of Semantic Result Formats not covered in the previous tutorial. This tutorial will be hands-on, with participants creating templates, forms, categories and the like (with guidance) on a central wiki, via their laptops.

Application building with SMW and the Halo Extension[edit]

Time: 2:15 - 3:45 PM

Led by: Daniel Hansch

Slides: Download the slides from the SMWforum.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to easily build applications with SMW by assembling a light-weight project-management tool, that contains:

  1. Projects
  2. Milestones
  3. Work packages
  4. Resources
  5. Time sheets

The project-management tool will enable users to:

  1. Create projects and work packages and milestones
  2. Display the sequence of work packages per project (as a timeline)
  3. Export the project to MS project
  4. Enter work reports
  5. Evaluate work reports

The tutorial will cover these products:

  1. SMW
  2. Halo extension (usability improvements to SMW)
  3. Deployment framework (to install extensions to SMW)
  4. Microsoft Project Connector (to import project data into MS Project)
  5. TripleStore basic (to evaluate business rules)

The objective of the tutorial is to enable the audience to adapt the project management application to their needs and to to deploy it in their team wiki. No special knowledge about project management or programming is required.

Applied SMW[edit]

Time: 4:00 - 5:30 PM

Led by: Jesse Wang, co-presenting with Ning Hu and Wil Smith


We will show you the following:

  • Different approaches to jump-start your SMW
    • Installation bundles
    • Setup/deployment options
  • Customize your SMW
    • Basic configuration options, security
    • Skins and customizing a skin
    • Customizable side pane, especially query and user based content
    • Improve the performance of your installation: caching, squid, load balance, etc.
  • Develop social semantic web apps with SMW
    • Choose extensions - general guidelines on how to choose a variety of extensions
    • Data integration (I/O)
      • Wiki Object Model - an infrastructure to allow people read/write almost any part of the wiki content anywhere
  • Examples of how to use these toolset to achieve your goals.
    • A quick example of how to build a site