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SMWCon Spring 2010SMWCon Spring 2010/Proposed talks

These were the proposed talks for the SMWCon Spring 2010.

Proposed talks[edit]

  • Next steps for Semantic Forms - Yaron
  • "Pitching" SMW - Yaron
  • n-ary data in SMW - Yaron
  • WikiTags: Connecting SMW with MS Office users - Jesse
  • Ultrapedia: a prototype for a semantic Wikipedia - Jesse
  • Dynamic Wiki Visualization for Rapid Content Generation - Douglas
  • Semantic Media Wiki as a Research Tool in Computational Musicology - Douglas
  • Encouraging SMW use with non technical people - David
  • Intranet data integration using SMW - Laurent
  • Mashup of LexWiki and WebProtege for Collaborative Ontology Authoring - Guoqian
  • Applying SMW on the Wikia environment - TimQ
  • Semantics & Statistics - TimQ
  • Halo: Current status and future developments in 2010 - Philipp


  • Ontology management - within the wiki and imports & exports; How to maintain a multi-layered ontology with included triples, classes and pages.
  • Intermediate and advanced queries
    • Writing queries to support as a URL, e.g. using facilities
  • Handling multiple instances of a property (with different values) on a page.
  • Allowing for data ambiguity:
    • Multiple versions of pages, talk pages, or parallel pages (from a different point of view) and properties associated only with those versions sometimes and associated with the main space page other times
    • Semantic status of subpages, talk pages, parallel pages in another name space in the same wiki and how to deal with flagged revisions and other facilities in which the currently visible page is not the effective page
    • Is SemArbTri a good idea or not? Could global variables be avoided by having better facilities for including/contained/parallel/versioned pages?
    • Nesting or inclusion facilities to support multiple points of view and privacy and legally mandated requirements regarding visibility of data on customers, etc., and to avoid having to use any tool except wiki to keep two or more distinct but nested main namespaces
  • SMW as an intranet foundation - compared to Sharepoint, Drupal, and other tools - what does it need to be useful beyond a single project?
    • Scraping Microsoft formats for the maximum amount of usable data vs. using Sharepoint or other tools to do this via Microsoft's own toolset
  • Simple forms creation that allow for input from unsteady wiki users
  • Mobile access to data
  • Email and chat/IM/SMS integration - better notifications, multiple-choice approvals/disapprovals/decisions when overrides of policies requested
  • Writing extensions or expanding current SMW extensions;
  • Getting involved with the SMW community
  • Making Semantic MediaWiki "friendlier" to wiki farms (Wikia, in particular, is very concerned about performance)
  • Are wikibits (Wordpress plugin) or jamwiki (Java clone) amenable to SMW extensions that would make it possible to maintain SMW-compatible pages in these?
  • Can OpenID better support credentials, as opposed to just usernames associated with individuals, e.g. "employee of IBM", "resident of USA", and reliably report these credentials to take authentication load off those wikis debating topics in which these credentials would be important?
  • Overview of the foundations of SMW, and concepts required for a well designed site
  • Migrating from DPL to SMW
  • How about another round at brainstorming around a visual identity ? logo ?


Can we all vote on these suggestions above? So that we can have some focused discussions on the topics.

Actual voting might be overkill, since we'll probably be able to have all or nearly all of the talks that people agree to give. But definitely feel free to add a "+1" or "I would like to see this talk as well" after talk names, especially for those that don't yet have a presenter. -Yaron
There's no reason not to have a talk/discussion/presentation on anything people are interested in, even if it has to happen in a coffee shop outside or a hotel room. The hard part is which topics are distinct and which are not? Adding some possible sub-topics to the very complex topics above, perhaps if we do more of that, we'll identify which ought to be off on their own?
That's really on a case-by-case basis. -Yaron