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gedit is a text editor for the GNOME desktop environment, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Designed as a general purpose text editor, gedit emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. It includes tools for editing source code and structured text such as markup languages.[1]



  • As root or with sudo prepended

RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Scientific Linux[edit]

yum install gedit
yum install gedit-plugins

Debian, Ubuntu[edit]

apt-get install gedit
apt-get install gedit-plugins

Mac OS X[edit]



In order to help following MediaWiki coding convetions and making programming easier for you, you may enable some of the installed plugins.

Plugins selection[edit]

Plugins preferences windows
  • We suggest the following ones:
    • Bracket completion: it helps to have blocks of code properly delimited. Otherwise you will learn about any error caused by a missing bracket when you load the extension.
    • Code comment: it allows comment/uncomment a whole bunch of code. This makes trying things easier.
    • Draw spaces/tabs: it ensures avoiding having a mix of both of them.
    • Indent/unindent lines: you can also perform this by using Tab or Shift+Tab


View preferences[edit]

View preferences windows
  • we highlight:
    • Display line numbers: when warnings or errors happen, you can easily find the issue
    • Highlight current line: it helps knowing where you are
    • Highlight matching bracket: it helps designing the programming blocks

Editor preferences[edit]

Editor (tab relevant) preferences windows
  • we highlight:
    • Using a width of 4, as suggested by MediaWiki coding style. In any case, this is only a visual thing and has no effect in the code
    • We will NOT insert spaces instead of tabs
    • Automatic indentation may help you writing code faster


  1. Extracted from Wikipedia page