Simple SMW annotation with LightWeightRDFa

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SMWCon Fall 2013Simple SMW annotation with LightWeightRDFa
Simple SWM annotation with LightweightRDFa
Talk details
Description: LightweightRDFa is a "very lightweight" extension that enables simple wiki markup annotation and could be the first step to a more advanced SMW setup.
Speaker(s): Norman Heino, Dimitris Kontokostas
Type: Lightning talk, Demo
Audience: Everyone
Length: 5-10 minutes
Video: not available
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LightweightRDFa is a "lightweight" extension that enables simple wiki markup annotation (compatible with SMW syntax) with a simple RDFa output, that could be the first step towards a more advanced SMW setup.

The RDFa output is simple using the page's url and every property is under the website's namespace. Metadata parsing is meant to be provided by external tools such as RDFa parsers or the DBpedia framework. To make it more appealing for an end (non-technical) user the annotation is shown as a link tooltip.

Technically, the Lightweight part comes from the fact that only 3 hooks are used in this extension: LinkBegin, OutputPageBodyAttributes & BeforePageDisplay. We hook In LinkBegin to provide the link annotation extension and the other two hooks provide basic namespaces and an "about" attribute in the <body> element.

This could also fit in the Lightning talk session but could also take a little more that 4 minutes.