Gridpedia - Using Semantic MediaWiki as an ontology editor for the Smart Grid
Talk details
Description: is a user friendly ontology editing tool. It allows users with little to no background on semantic technologies to contribute to the ontology.
Speaker(s): Felix Obenauer
Type: Talk, Demo
Audience: Everyone
Length: 25 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: Smart Grid, Ontology
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Gridpedia was was created to allow Smart Grid experts to create and maintain an easy-to-understand vocabulary. For this, Gridpedia relies heavily on Semantic Forms to make contributing easy and fast. In fact, no knowledge of semantic and/or wiki technologies is required, for working with Gridpedia. In contrast to other approaches, Gridpedia was designed (restricted) to (1) focus on simple RDFS ontology elements, and (2) to provide easy mechanism for interlinking with other schema, e.g., CIM, DBpedia, and "Open Energy Information".