SMWCon Fall 2012/New features in Semantic Result Formats/Presentation/Slide 5.1


Planned result printers

Status on other formats

  • Stephan can give an update on tree, ultree, oltree, and filtered format
  • JitGraph is deactivated by default and needs refactoring in order to work with SRF 1.8+ (some work has been done but has not been merged)

Planned result printers

  • Datatables format is forthcoming
  • Integrating Pivot.js to enable pivot table support
  • Gantt support integrating jquery.gantt
  • jStat integration as statistical library is planned to be available
  • Extend available jqPlot chart types
  • Extend D3chart with histogram, add D3 graph
  • Several of the above mentioned printers could be made available with SRF 1.9 but it all depends on your help ...