SMW::off and SMW::on markers


This page is about the markers [[SMW::off]] ... [[SMW::on]] that are used internally by the software and should be invisible to the user, although they may be exposed in the event of issues around parsing.

What are [[SMW::off]] and [[SMW::on]] ?[edit]

They are internal markers that encapsulate a text element while per-processing templates are invoked during a result format request. [[SMW::off]] opens the element and [[SMW::on]] closes it.

Why are they necessary?[edit]

Nested templates and hereby nested #ask queries can ultimately force a system to stop operating or to import unwanted annotations. To hinder parsing of such content (and annotations) retrieved from queried sources or templates, markers will signal the InTextAnnotationParser, which is called on each Parser::parse() event, to disregard any annotation during that process.


Those parameters are provided for advanced users who understand the implication of nested templates and the possibility of circular recursion caused by templates.


For code, see especially :