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Rule Modeling


This page described tips for rule modeling in Semantic MediaWiki. The rule modeling can be viewed as part of wiki-level application logic.

What is a rule[edit]

When we're talking about rules we usually mean that the system has to do something responding to some condition.

A rule therefore is a construction that has condition and the action to be made if the condition is fulfilled.

How to model rules in Semantic MediaWiki ?[edit]

In Semantic MediaWiki a rule is like a recipe where ingredients are :

  • ask queries
  • parser function like #if:, #arraymap:, #switch
  • variables and loops
  • Lua scripts
  • SMW inference support
  • SMW concepts
  • MW templates

From semantic values to Category with parser functions[edit]

From semantic values in a template to semantic values in a template with parser functions[edit]

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